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But they say now he'll be crippled for life--have to go around on crutches, or in a wheel-chair.
Addressing the 8th wheel-chair cricket tournament ceremony here on Wednesday, she said it is collective responsibility of entire nation to keep the people with disabilities live a normal life.
Mansour Al-Sarheed, the head of the Kuwaiti team to the championship, told KUNA by telephone that the Kuwaiti champion Ahmad Naqa Al-Mutairi won three gold medals in the paralympic wheel-chair competition for 100 m, 200 m and 800 m categories.
Rakan Baziyeed, a handicapped wheel-chair trainer, thanked the prince and the organizers for the celebrations and said such programs were an opportunity for the disabled to mingle with society and boost their confidence.
These include provision of 179 escalators and 400 lifts at A-1 and other major stations, affixing Braille stickers indicating the layout of coaches including toilets, provision of wheel chairs and battery operated vehicles at more stations and making coaches wheel-chair friendly.
Uttecht, the first wheel-chair bowler as well as the first person chosen in the Pioneer category since 2008, blazed a trail for wheel-chair bowlers everywhere and is regarded as the most accomplished such bowler in the sport's history.
When I first started out, I could barely push my wheel-chair," she recalls.
Lucy was in hospital for three months and left brain-damaged, wheel-chair bound and partially sighted by the condition.
Activities Officer Roger Pierce said: "We want our walks programme to be as inclusive as possible, so finding suitable walks for wheel-chair users and young mothers pushing prams or buggies has been a priority for us.
A year later, the Protection Office bought a wheel-chair accessible car to transport disabled students along with their wheel chairs across campus, and particularly from upper to lower campus and vice versa.
Anne is a qualified solicitor and also a wheel-chair user who has a wealth of knowledge about disabilities.