a.1.Shaped like a wheel.
2.(Bot.) Expanding into a flat, circular border at top, with scarcely any tube; as, a wheel-shaped corolla.
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Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway and speed through four action zones and over nine SmartPoint locations using the steering wheel-shaped remote control for an exciting interactive experience with the RC SmartPoint Racer
com/en/) for a tasting of cakes paired with wine, including a beautiful raspberry macaroon and a Paris Brest (a wheel-shaped choux pastry named after the cycle race).
One sunny summer morning, a farmer named Harry loaded his wooden cart with four big pieces of wheel-shaped cheese.
People from all over the world roll 9lb Double Gloucester wheel-shaped cheeses downhill then vainly scurry along after them in the name of a tradition going back 300 years.
It includes a ceramic crest mug, a Lamborghini-shaped computer mouse, sneakers, a men's windcheater, a travel bag, fountain pens, a Murcielago wheel-shaped keychain, an Aventador-shaped USB stick and a carbon-fibre finish laptop bag.
Also materials based on the related wheel-shaped metal-oxides with unprecedented properties (i.
She serves a plate filled with a fierce red chicken gravy and wheel-shaped, dense fried dough called kombadi wade (Dh22), a staple of Malvan in the far south of the state; and a winning dish of stuffed small aubergines in a medium-spiced grainy sauce containing ground peanuts called bharli wangi (Dh15).
Tenery's paintings suggest the club could be built on a vast wheel-shaped space station that would spin to create a sort of artificial gravity.
Their grandfather Malcolm Martindale helped to design the pit wheel-shaped memorial.
For example, the variety of neuron shapes found in a wheel-shaped structure called the ellipsoid body "are just amazing," Peng said.
CBEE, as a dimensional nonconventional processing method, is based on complex, discontinuous, local erosive effects of certain impulse electrical discharges, induced between two electrodes (transfer object TO and processed object--PO), the former one being a wheel-shaped or a metallic strip, the erosive agent, and the latter the eroded object.
As you'd expect, the Wii version makes full use of the console's motion-sensing controls, with the game bundled with a steering wheel-shaped attachment that snaps on to the Wii Remote.