wheelie bin

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wheelie bin




wheely bin

(Furniture) a large container for rubbish, esp one used by a household, mounted on wheels so that it can be moved more easily

wheelie bin

n (Brit inf) → Mülltonne fauf Rollen
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It comes after officers discovered three stolen wheelie bins had been set alight in the park, and another two which were ready to be ignited.
WHEELIE bins at new housing developments in Cardiff could be replaced by large underground bins.
It should have been an open and shut case when John Silcock moved to a new house and discovered there were no wheelie bins.
At Belfast Magistrates' Court, District Judge Fiona Bagnall said: "Shopkeepers need to know he's not going to be taking wheelie bins full of goods out of their stores.
THE tide appears to be turning in Birmingham's war against rats - and it's down to wheelie bins.
Wheelie bins often become an easy target for vandals, who often set fire to them, or thieves who simply steal them.
MORE than 90 arson attacks involving wheelie bins and rubbish have been tackled by fire crews across Merseyside in the last fortnight.
JAMES Benton's at it again - wheelie bins, wheelie bins, wheelie bins.
A pilot scheme for using wheelie bins in Harborne and Brandwood wards has proved successful.
RESIDENTS in a North East town are being urged to secure their wheelie bins after two were set on fire.
His plea comes after two wheelie bins were deliberately set alight by arsonists in Chapelfields on Monday night.
Collections will continue on the normal day for blue wheelie bins, orange food waste sacks and blue and clear recycling sacks There will be no collection of pink refuse sacks during the week starting today.