wheelie bin

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wheelie bin




wheely bin

(Furniture) a large container for rubbish, esp one used by a household, mounted on wheels so that it can be moved more easily

wheelie bin

n (Brit inf) → Mülltonne fauf Rollen
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Our biggest concern has always been you cannot have wheelie bins where there are steep steps.
Wheelie bins, once a week, Stand erect upon our street.
ARSONISTS have cost Tyneside residents more than pounds 200,000 by deliberately setting wheelie bins on fire in a blaze blackspot.
It may well be inconvenient to have to move your wheelie bin back on to your property now and again if it happens to be blocking your drive but, with respect, all of us that have the benefit of this weekly service have to put out and bring in our own wheelie bins.
Conwy runs fortnightly collections of household waste in wheelie bins and of metal and glass in boxes, and paper and garden waste in bags.
The latest saga features the residents of St Peter's Basin in Newcastle whose new wheelie bins are too big to go in the bin bays provided.
5 per cent following the introduction of wheelie bins in parts of the city.
Brandwood and Harborne have been picked to trial the system, which will see black bags and recycling boxes replaced by up to three wheelie bins per households.
A successful Merseyside fire service campaign has cleared unofficial bonfire sites leading up to November 5 - but officials said wheelie bins have become a target for anti-social behaviour.
COLIN Mann from Caerphilly council points out what he sees as the benefits of wheelie bins which every household in Caerphilly now has (Viewpoints, October 26).
WHEELIE BINS Wheelie bins, once a week, Stand erect upon our street.
She claimed wheelie bins were unsafe under Health and Safety regulations and because of the steepness of her drive.