wheelie bin

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wheelie bin




wheely bin

(Furniture) a large container for rubbish, esp one used by a household, mounted on wheels so that it can be moved more easily

wheelie bin

n (Brit inf) → Mülltonne fauf Rollen
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He said the new system would also include a rule that no side waste such as that left in black bags beside the wheelie bin will be permitted.
Liverpool Community Safety Team has embarked on a new initiative to tackle wheelie bin fires.
FIREFIGHTERS were called to two separate wheelie bin fires which both spread to nearby houses.
45pm last night, when a wheelie bin was set on fire in Burnstones in West Denton.
The overseas wheelie bin cleaning enterprise will kick off in Florida and California, with a long-term plan to expand to further US states.
And Scotland is about to stage its first Wheelie Bin Grand Prix on August 22.
I felt Mr Elkes was unjustified in claiming I was the "chief wheelie bin enforcer", had the "menace-laden delivery of a movie gangster", and that I showed "barely concealed contempt".
Cardiff council's latest roll-out of its wheelie bin collection scheme will reach the Canton ward in the middle of February.
Taking the wheelie bin, to your back yard and bringing them out on bin day, again not an option, due to the amount of dirt underneath and on the wheels, getting spread on the carpets.
Third wheelie bin invasion of Lower Coundon, which took place last month, with the latest invader - the blue wheelie bin.
A WHEELIE bin outside a flat has been targeted by arsonists for the fifth time in a week.
I WAS absolutely amazed to read in the Gazette article regarding Sharron Bawden's battle with Middlesbrough Council over her wheelie bin being left occasionally blocking her drive.