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v. t.1.See Wimple.
v. i.1.To whiffle; to veer.
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Whimple," said Herbert, "for of course people in general won't stand that noise.
Whimple," said Herbert, when I told him so, "is the best of housewives, and I really do not know what my Clara would do without her motherly help.
Whimple, by whom it had been fostered and regulated with equal kindness and discretion, ever since.
Whimple and Clara were seated at work, I said nothing of my own interest in Mr.
Looking round, there was the old dame down upon the roadway, with her red whimple flying on the breeze, while the two rogues, black and white, stooped over her, wresting away from her the penny and such other poor trifles as were worth the taking.
By the side of the track the old dame was standing, fastening her red whimple once more round her head.
Followed by Committal at East Devon Crematorium, Whimple, Exeter EX5 2PT.
Baroness Browning of Whimple has been brought into the Home Office as a Minister.
Both were at the glittering annual Ambulance Services Institute ceremony at the Palace of Westminster to receive their prestigious awards from Baroness Browning of Whimple.
In the episode on manor houses, first broadcast in February last year then repeated three weeks ago, Julian's "fabulous" apartment at Strete Ralegh House in Whimple, near Exeter, scooped the top title.
June moved to Whimple, near Exeter, where she married local butcher Derrick Martin, who formally adopted Sandy when she was two.
They are largely comprised of Devonian (slates and limestones) and Triassic (marl and sandstones) strata (Figure 1c), in which brown earth soils of the Milford, Whimple and Bromsgrove Series have been mapped (Findlay et al.