White ibis

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(Zool.) an American ibis (Guara alba) having the plumage pure white, except the tips of the wings, which are black. It inhabits tropical America and the Southern United States. Called also Spanish curlew.

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The white ibis is most commonly found in Florida and they are normally nomadic, can travel for miles every day and typically spend much of their day searching for food.
The campus now accommodates various birds including Cattle Egret, Bald Eagle, Wood Stork, White Ibis and Flamingo.
It's true that the interplay of uprightness and obliquity creates a sense of dynamism, and that the curve of the white ibis and that of the bamboos create a sense of rhythm.
Salmonella serotypes Virchow and Hvittingfoss were isolated from an Australian white ibis (Threskiornis molucca) chick and 2 juvenile plumed whistling ducks (Dendrocygna eytoni) in April 2007.
Five bikes were stolen, a red Intense Tazer, a blue Intense Tracer, a white Ibis Mojo, a blue Cotic Bfe, and a white Santa Cruz.
Siblicide occurs among nest mates and is directed to reduce competition for food delivered by parents (Mock 1984, Mock and Parker 1997), but aggression to and consumption of unrelated conspecifics seems to be primarily motivated by the nutritional value of cannibalism and has been reported in colonial-nesting species, including American White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) (Herring et al.
Just months ago, the gender preference change among white ibis populations was documented by University of Florida Professor Peter Frederick.
Peter Frederick, an ecologist at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and his colleagues collected 160 white ibis nestlings from breeding colonies in south Florida in 2005, and split them into four groups, each composed of 20 males and 20 females.
With more than 150 species of residential and migratory birds, such as whistling teal, white ibis, and open billed stork, this is a perfect excursion from Agartala for nature lovers.
As the sun rose on Barataria Bay, Louisiana, just west of the mouth of the Mississippi River, marsh islands teemed with oily brown pelicans and crude-stained white ibis.
We have European bee-eaters, hoopoes (who make a sound like their name sounds), red legged partridges, the white ibis who do us a favour by feeding on worms and bugs along with many others to numerous to mention.
Noxubee in Brooksville is an important sanctuary of more than 254 species, including Bald Eagles, Wood Stork, swallows, White Ibis, warblers, egrets and herons.