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I could not approach her as I was accustomed to approach other white ladies.
Actor Amir Talai carried a sign that read, "I'll see you nice white ladies at the next Black Lives Matter march, right?
This week, the White Ladies, a group of Roman Catholic devotees, will stage a prayer tour of Angat Dam and Ipo Dam for rains and for divine protection so the facilities would not be damaged in case an earthquake strikes.
They perform in the style of the Welsh Border Morris Men and skipped to an array of traditional dances including the Dilwyn, the White Ladies Aston, The Evesham Stick Dance and the Bromsberrow Heath.
Ladies and gentlemen from Washington Grange, St Georges and Albany care homes, the White Ladies retirement housing, along with the Holy Trinity Church congregation will embark on an evening of festivities on Wednesday December 10 at Washington School.
A white painted boulder named the White Cross, near Westerdale, is believed to have been blessed in response to deliverance by a group of Cistercian nuns or White Ladies after finding themselves lost in a fog on a pilgrimage from York to Baysdale Abbey.
One of the white ladies is wearing a gay pride button and I imagine that Trayvon's opinion of gays may have been similar to his suspicion of "creepy ass crackers.
Bristol BBC is on Whiteladies Road at the end of which is Blackboy Hill where the white ladies were carried up in sedan chairs.
The Worcestershire village of Peopleton and the neighbouring villages of Drakes Broughton and White Ladies Aston are packed with characterful homes.
About the only verboten activity is "racial profiling," which is why the beefy agents of the TSA blithely harass heroes such as Joe Foss and little old white ladies.
White ladies, spectral children and ghostly animals abound here, making one wonder who is really left alive in all of England, and whether one would prefer to be a ghost when one looks so good in these photographs.