White grass

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(Bot.) an American grass (Leersia Virginica) with greenish-white paleæ.

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The nine lots of the procedure will be concluded on behalf of the group of commands consists of the city of Caen, the commune~s social center of the city of Caen, Caen agglomeration of the sea community, the City of Colombelles , the City of Mondeville, Sivom Three Valleys, central communal social action Mondeville City and the City of Saint-Germain White Grass.
Once it was an inland swamp, teeming with plants and frogs and reptiles, but now only their fossils remain, tucked in amongst the white grass and the dust.
The White Grass Dude Ranch, which is being rehabilitated, will provide training in historic preservation techniques for maintenance employees of Western national parks.
GRAND ENTRANCE With lacquered white grass cloth finish, silver nail heads and ring pulls, this entry hall console ($995) is a showstopper in the front window at Seaside Chic and the store's best seller.
Tell-tale signs of an infestation begin to show in spring, when you will notice bald patches and white grass on the lawn.
A creek burbles out from the meadow amid purple aster, blue gentian and white grass of parnassus.
Think Paddy Power Gold Cup, roast pheasant, Boylesports International, whisky macs, all those northern races named after people you've never heard of, steaming flanks, Fontwell Park, wiping your nose on the back of your gloves, crunchy white grass.
BARMY scientists in Japan are working on a chemical process that will let homeowners choose red, blue, yellow or white grass to match the colour of their houses.
Then nobody came, the door disappeared, white grass matted, the pear tree gorged on itself, bulbs simply repeated themselves and spindly leaves, the robin gave it a miss, the garden grew into a rumour.
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Mary is nearer, And the cricket sits aside, Chanting eternity like a lullaby to the murdered man From roots of the white grass.