White hake

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(Zool.) the squirrel hake. See under Squirrel.

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But what of the shoals of herring and the sweet white hake that, for hundreds of years, supported an industry from Penrhyn to Llangranog, Hakin to Llangwm, Tenby to Penarth?
Many commercially exploited fish also live here including the Atlantic cod, white hake, ocean pout and haddock (pictured).
They included fried cod filets, ready after less than five minutes in the frying pan; "Mini acras de morue prefrits" (Mini pre-fried cod fritters), an appetizer ready in five minutes; plus two plain new fish products: "Filets de merlu blanc du Cap" (Filets of white hake from the Cape) caught in the waters off South Africa and cut up, deboned, and frozen at sea within eight hours; and "Ailes de raie pelees" (Skinned wings of ray) caught in Iceland.