Prince Charming

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Prince Charming

also prince charming
A man who fulfills one's romantic expectations.

[After Prince Charming, hero of such fairy tales as Cinderella, alteration of earlier King Charming, hero of the play King Charming (1850) by British dramatist James Robinson Planché, and ultimately modeled on French roi Charmant, hero of the fairy tale L'Oiseau bleu (1698) by French author Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville, Baronne d'Aulnoy : roi, king + charmant, charming.]

Prince` Charm′ing

a man who embodies a woman's romantic ideal.
[after Prince Charming, hero of Cinderella]
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Noun1.Prince Charming - a suitor who fulfills the dreams of his belovedprince charming - a suitor who fulfills the dreams of his beloved
suer, suitor, wooer - a man who courts a woman; "a suer for the hand of the princess"
princ na bijelom konju
princ na belom konju
drömprinsprins charmig

prince charming

nil principe m azzurro