White land

a tough clayey soil, of a whitish hue when dry, but blackish after rain.

See also: White

References in classic literature ?
Maple White Land it became, and so it is named in that chart which has become my special task.
The peaceful penetration of Maple White Land was the pressing subject before us.
August the twenty-eighth-- the day we saw five live iguanodons in a glade of Maple White Land.
She herself, I noticed, was dressed in her white land smock.
Officers have asked anyone who saw a white Land Rover Discovery on the B1200 to come forward.
And if, like me, you've seen something of Third World countries, you'll be familiar with the lifestyle, hotels and white Land Rovers of charity chiefs.
The smash, involving a white Land Rover Defender and a dark grey BMW 1 Series, happened at around 2pm on the A541 Denbigh to Mold road near Afonwen on November 30.
Seventh: The Cabinet decided to deposit amounts allocated to private sector partnership initiatives in the budget of the Ministry of Housing - the initiative of partnering with private developers on the Ministry's lands, the initiative to stimulate the development of residential products on land subject to white land charges, the initiative to stimulate the development of residential products on private land and the Ministerial Land Development Initiative - for the current fiscal year and next coming years, in the company account.
White Land for Food Industries seeks to increase its production capacity by 82% before the end of the year, through injecting investments of about EGP 22m since the beginning of 2017.
Summary: Saudi Arabia will not roll out the next phase of the white land tax before 2020, according to a ministry of housing official.
5 per cent real estate white land tax kicked in late March.
uk Lamborghini Gallardo, a white Land Rover, a Ferrari and a Mercedes, a court heard.