White land

a tough clayey soil, of a whitish hue when dry, but blackish after rain.

See also: White

References in classic literature ?
Maple White Land it became, and so it is named in that chart which has become my special task.
The peaceful penetration of Maple White Land was the pressing subject before us.
August the twenty-eighth-- the day we saw five live iguanodons in a glade of Maple White Land.
She herself, I noticed, was dressed in her white land smock.
The approval of a white land tax, on the other hand, is controversial yet encouraging.
RIYADH: The government decision to impose fees on white land - the vacant lands located within city urban areas - paves way for reduction in housing costs as it will make vacant lands available for housing projects in planned areas.
There were at least four police cars and several white Land Rovers from the electricity board dealing with the incident.
In 1954, when he was 12 years old, the Rhodesian authorities deported his father to Zambia (then known as Northern Rhodesia) because of an altercation he had had with a young white land development officer who had come to their village to do cattle destocking.
Contract awarded for Subpolice Baths White Land Repair
It went on to say that "men put Al-Sufi in a white Land Cruiser with no licence plates and drove away".
As the PTI workers were accompanied by media, the TV screens showed persons attacking the convoy and smashing the windows of a white Land Cruiser, carrying Imran Ismail to the locality.
Businessman Jim believes his white Land Rover Discovery and Lesley's silver Freelander were stolen to be sold abroad.