White race

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Noun1.White race - a light-skinned race
race - people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"
Caucasian, White, White person - a member of the Caucasoid race
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Lady Arabella was not usually a humorous person, but no man or woman of the white race could have checked the laughter which rose spontaneously to her lips.
Two years is too short a time in which to attempt to work the change in an individual that it has taken countless ages to accomplish in the white race.
In the American War some of the most advanced Liberals took sides with the planters on the score that the blacks were an inferior race to the whites, and that might was the right of the white race.
He must not understand too well the instincts, customs, and mental processes of the blacks, the yellows, and the browns; for it is not in such fashion that the white race has tramped its royal road around the world.
The negro, it must be remembered, is an exotic of the most gorgeous and superb countries of the world, and he has, deep in his heart, a passion for all that is splendid, rich, and fanciful; a passion which, rudely indulged by an untrained taste, draws on them the ridicule of the colder and more correct white race.
The two larger, they stated, had belonged to a male and female of one of the higher white races.
My reading suggests that whereas these framings render both Muslims and Jews existential threats conspiring to destroy the white race, Islamophobia plays a more supplemental role to anti-Semitism, which remains the dynamic center.
A CONTROVERSIAL leaflet claiming "the white race is nature's finest" has not broken any laws according to Merseyside Police.
The popular mascot, dressed in his signature red and white race suit, raised the profile of the upcoming endurance event and spoke to the youngsters about the support races, live musical performances and range of fun and engaging entertainment acts that have been lined up over the weekend.
Before he published books highlighting and celebrating the great Catholic cultural tradition, he disseminated literature extolling the virtues of the white race, and calling for the banishment of all non-white from Britain.
Frustration creeps in the "ignored" know their place, We are the unhearing members of the black and white race.
The author expounds, "It is a theology that calls for the complete separation of the races, because the white race is not even human-it is, rather, Satan/the Devil incarnate.