a.1.Having a white front; as, the white-fronted lemur.
White-fronted goose
(Zool.) the white brant, or snow goose. See Snow goose, under Snow.
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East Tier states can set a 74-day season on white-fronted geese with a 3-bird daily limit, or an 88-day season with a 2-bird limit, in the west Tier, states can select 107-day season for dark geese, with a daily bag limit of 5.
AN ORNITHOLOGY organisation has expressed concern at the Welsh Government's decision not to ban the hunting of white-fronted geese.
A dozen white-fronted geese, hen harrier and three shorteared owls were also at the lake.
Species benefiting from the makeover include rosy-billed pochard, ringtail teal, chestnut teal, red-billed pintails, Ross's snow goose, marble teal, red-crested pochard, mandarin ducks, eider ducks and lesser white-fronted goose.
25 for white-fronted and cackling geese, and Saturday to Jan.
Snow geese (Anser caerulescens caerulescens) accounted for 70% of the harvest, followed by white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons frontalis, 19%), Canada geese (Branta canadensis hutchinsii, 5%), brant (Branata bernicla nigricans, 4%), tundra swans (Cygnus columbianus, 2%), and Ross' geese (Anser rossii, < 1%).
Equally rare in Wales now are Greenland White-fronted Geese, but a flock of nine are grazing at Talacre.
Swansea City and County Council announced yesterday that the ornate, white-fronted building was imminently dangerous and would have to be pulled down for public safety.
Another spoonbill was at RSPB Point of Ayr, while the first Greenland white-fronted geese have returned to Ynys-hir.
The new exhibit 'Walking with Lemurs' consists of a natural woodland which is now home to Ring Tailed lemurs, White-Fronted Brown lemurs and Red Bellied lemurs - all native of Madagascar.
Comments: There are about 300,000 white-fronted geese in the state - the objective of wildlife managers - and most are in the Sacramento Valley.
A Long-tailed Duck remains at Fagl Lane quarry, Caergwrle, while a European White-fronted Goose was on Gresford Flash on Monday.