a.1.Having a white front; as, the white-fronted lemur.
White-fronted goose
(Zool.) the white brant, or snow goose. See Snow goose, under Snow.
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Equally surprising was a Greenland White-fronted Goose on Llandudno's Bodafon Fields over the weekend.
Mid-continent population white-fronted geese nest across a wide swath of northern Canada before migrating south through Saskatchewan and Alberta to winter mainly in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mexico.
There is also a dining room with a bay window and an extended breakfast kitchen with a comprehensive range of gloss white-fronted units and granite work surfaces.
It has white-fronted units and light grey, engineered quartz stone work surfaces creating a crisp and contemporary feel.
2 per project) around the world and will contribute to the conservation of vultures, Ruddy-headed Geese, Martial Eagle, and Lesser White-fronted Geese.
AN ORNITHOLOGY organisation has expressed concern at the Welsh Government's decision not to ban the hunting of white-fronted geese.
The exhibit is the largest lemur walkthrough in the UK and is home to 20 ring-tailed lemurs, three white-fronted brown lemurs and three red-bellied lemurs, which are native of Madagascar.
The Greenland white-fronted goose on the River Clwyd at Rhuddlan remains, while a great northern diver in the Menai Straits, present for six weeks, is attaining beautiful monochrome summer plumage.
Crossing the High Street to the other side to view the East side starting from the Talbot Hotel visible in the distance with its red brick wall and chimneys is the white-fronted Cattle Market Inn, The Parish Church and Cenotaph, Adelphi Grill, Prudential Assurance, The Royal Oak, Avery Scales and Lindsay Building.
Raqqa, Northeastern Syria (SANA) -- Members of the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) delegation visited Raqqa governorate to monitor the Lesser White-fronted Geese, most at risk of extinction.
Other vulnerable birds include the endangered red knots and piping plovers that winter in coastal Florida, as well as the green-winged teal, the American widgeon and other dabbling ducks, loons, white-fronted geese, sandpipers, turnstones, and dowitchers.
The techniques we've been using to lure white-fronted geese to within shotgun range have not worked well the past few years, quite possibly because the goose flock is getting older and the size of it, at least in the area where we hunt, is expanding, which means there are more eyes capable of spotting any movement or anything even slightly amiss.