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(wĭt′ē-ər, hwĭt′-), John Greenleaf 1807-1892.
American poet. His early works, such as Voices of Freedom (1846), reflect his opposition to slavery, but he is best known for his nostalgic poems about New England, including Snow-Bound (1866).


(Biography) John Greenleaf. 1807–92, US poet and humanitarian: a leading campaigner in the antislavery movement. His poems include Snow-Bound (1866)


(ˈʰwɪt i ər, ˈwɪt-)

1. John Greenleaf, 1807–92, U.S. poet.
2. a city in SW California, E of Los Angeles. 73,630.
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Noun1.Whittier - United States poet best known for his nostalgic poems about New England (1807-1892)Whittier - United States poet best known for his nostalgic poems about New England (1807-1892)
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My niece, Miss Pollyanna Whittier, is coming to live with me.
John Whittier died two weeks ago, leaving one child, a girl eleven years old.
All dead wrong from start to finish, an' Whittier he's to blame.
Well, the facts came aout later, same's they usually do, too late to be any ways useful to an honest man; an' Whittier he come along an' picked up the slack eend of a lyin' tale, an' tarred and feathered Ben Ireson all over onct more after he was dead.
Ben Ireson weren't no sech kind o' man as Whittier makes aout; my father he knew him well, before an' after that business, an' you beware o' hasty jedgments, young feller.
They are, in the language of the slave's poet, Whittier,--
Holmes's poetry; he loved Whittier and Longfellow, each represented in his slender stock by some distinctive work.
Joseph Sturge, whose father was a great abolitionist and friend of Whittier and Garrison.
Road proponents do not mince words about the future of Whittier if the road is derailed, or the contrasting prosperity that will follow when the town enters the Automobile Age.
LOS ANGELES -- By a landslide 87 percent vote, registered nurses at Whittier Hospital Medical Center in the Los Angeles area Wednesday night elected the nation's fastest growing union, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC), to represent them.
Whittier and his wife, Karen (Nason) Whittier of Princeton; his parents: Robert S.
Whittier Christian 68, Campbell Hall 7: Esteban Camarillo rushed for 278 yards and six touchdowns to lead visiting Whittier Christian (5-1, 1-0) to a easy Alpha League victory over Campbell Hall of North Hollywood (1-5, 0-1).