v. i.1.To make a rough, humming sound, like one who pronounces the letter r with too much force; to whir; to birr.
2.To snarl or growl, as a dog.
n.1.A humming or whirring sound, like that of a body moving through the air with velocity; a whir.
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Paddy Whur, representing Mojo's management company, Voodoo Doll Ltd, said: "I'm here to apologise on behalf of what is a very responsible operator.
The release of this album comes on the heels of the great success that he has had with the release of the single, “Behind Closed Doors,” which is currently #1 at WHUR in D.
Together with Steve Henderson, James Early and Niani Kilkenny he sponsored the whur tribute to me and was one of the key participants on the Pacifica tribute to me, two heart-warming events.
Meanwhile, students at Howard University raised $80,000 for an alternative spring break in several American cities and the nation of Haiti through a phonathon on WHUR radio station and from motorists dropping spare change into buckets on Georgia Avenue.
He's gonna be, but why ainchu up whur you kin see good, dear?
Paddy Whur, representing Zanzibar, said there had recently been a "wholesale change" at the club, including employing new door staff and a head doorman.
Mr Paddy Whur, for the club, said there had been problems with drugs in the club but asked the sub-committee to accept that steps had been taken.
Local radio companies, such as the Carter Broadcast Group (KPRS) of Kansas City, Missouri, and WHUR Howard University Radio, have been super--serving their local communities for more than 50 years.
Under questioning from his solicitor, Paddy Whur, Mr Greenwood said customers paid pounds 10 to the bar or reception for a 'dance token' which they would then present to a girl for a dance.
We're barrelin' down the road 80 miles an hour, talkin' about movies, and out of the blue he says, "Sam, whur is Hollywood anyway?
The group also utilized the Howard University radio station, WHUR, for public service announcements to promote the events.
He's full of tidbits of wisdom such as "Count yerself lucky that the Good Lord seed fit to put yer head whur hit's at.