Widal test

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Wi·dal test

A test of blood serum that uses an agglutination reaction to diagnose typhoid fever.

[After Fernand Widal (1862-1929), French physician.]
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Noun1.Widal test - a test for detecting typhoid fever and other salmonella infectionsWidal test - a test for detecting typhoid fever and other salmonella infections
agglutination test - a blood test used to identify unknown antigens; blood with the unknown antigen is mixed with a known antibody and whether or not agglutination occurs helps to identify the antigen; used in tissue matching and blood grouping and diagnosis of infections
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86%) underwent Widal test and remaining had fever < 7 days duration, hence not done.
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Results for all 31 were negative for malaria and dengue; the Widal test of serum samples for enteric fever from 1 student and 2 local residents showed high antibody titers against Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi.
A single positive Widal test is of limited value in endemic countries as the baseline titres cannot be established with adequate accuracy.
The patient was further subjected to a full FUO workup, including blood tests for malarial antigen as well as parasite, Widal test, dengue serology, leptospira serology, scrub-typhus serology and RPR for syphilis.
Investigations included are complete hemogram, platelet count, blood culture, widal test, malaria-thick and thin smear, dengue-NS1 IC card, IgM ELISA, Leptospirosis--IgM ELISA, urine examination and USG abdomen.
During this period, all the patients who were admitted with clinical diagnosis of enteric fever were investigated for Widal test and blood culture.
Unfortunately, neither the Widal test, which remains in widespread use in the developing world, nor any of the other sero- diagnostic tests that have since been developed has proven sufficiently sensitive, specific, and practical to be of value in areas where this disease is endemic.
Widal test, Tubex TF, and TyphiDot), but are less sensitive and less specific than bacterial culture (4).
Urine examination peripheral blood smear for malarial parasites liver function tests urea and creatinine widal test mantoux test and chest x ray were preliminary tests done in all patients before labelling them as cases of pyrexia of unknown origin.
Widal test, blood and urine culture, X-ray chest and peripheral smear were done to find out the cause of fever and were found negative.
Peripheral smear for malarial parasite, Widal test, blood and urine culture, and abdominal ultrasound examination were normal.