wide receiver

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wide receiver

n. Abbr. WR Football
A receiver who normally lines up at least several yards to the side of the offensive formation. Also called wideout.

wide receiver



(American Football) American football a player whose function is to catch long passes from the quarterback

wide′ receiv′er

an offensive player in football, as a split end, who lines up wide of the formation and is used primarily as a pass receiver.
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The Bears have added former NFL wide receiver and safety Mike Furrey as their wide receivers coach.
Wide receivers Dante Hall (ankle) and Derek Stanley (knee) are out.
USC coach Pete Carroll said Jarrett and Smith's absence made an impact on freshmen wide receivers Vidal Hazelton and Travon Patterson.
The wide receivers are X and Z, the tight end is Y, the slot back is H, the quarterback is Q, and the one back is F.
On pace to break the New York Giants career reception record of former Giant running back Joe Morris by mid-season, Toomer is looking to surpass his 2002 NFL season where he finished 3rd in receiving yards, ranked 14th amongst wide receivers in receptions and 7th in average yards per reception.
Wide receivers Deion Branch (calf) and DJ Hackett (ankle) are likely to sit it out completely.
Wide receivers Vidal Hazelton, Jamere Holland (Taft High of Woodland Hills) and David Ausberry are the only freshmen needing NCAA approval.
Our triple option can be run from a variety of formations, but our basic package comes out of doubles (two wide receivers right and two left)--Y and Z to called side (Diag.
29, 1999 -ESPN THE MAGAZINE UNCOVERS THE NFL's LATEST IN SURFACE-TO-AIR WEAPONS: WIDE RECEIVERS -- NFL wide receivers have always been divas - preening, strutting, operatic.
Don't be surprised to read about the Irish signing a handful of blue-chip wide receivers this year.
It does not give the wide receivers a good angle on the corners.
Wide receivers are assigned the names of X and Z, the TE is Y, and the slot is H.