wide receiver

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wide receiver

n. Abbr. WR Football
A receiver who normally lines up at least several yards to the side of the offensive formation. Also called wideout.

wide receiver



(American Football) American football a player whose function is to catch long passes from the quarterback

wide′ receiv′er

an offensive player in football, as a split end, who lines up wide of the formation and is used primarily as a pass receiver.
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Former walk-on wide reciever and kicker for UO's football team in spring of 2012.
PREP FOOTBALL: Serra wide reciever, Rancho Verde defensive end tied for
The 23-year-old wide reciever doubled as a bouncer at pop concerts while he worked towards his NFL grade at college in Colorado.
Redskins: Made hard work of breaking their duck at Carolina, where rookie wide reciever Rod Gardner had a breakout game as QB Tony Banks began to find his feet.
Last season, Tampa Bay made the NFC championship game and acquired wide reciever Keyshawn Johnson with hopes of reaching Super Bowl XXXV on their home field on January 28.
La Canada took a 14-13 halftime lead when McCaffrey hooked up with wide reciever Brian Kimball on a 61-yard touchdown pass.
Pittsburgh Steelers wide reciever Hines Ward (No 86) and Washington cornerback Champ Bailey discover the unforgiving nature of the Astroturf at Three Rivers Stadium, which closed on Saturday
Given another set of downs, Santa Paula quickly took advantage as four plays later wide reciever Brent Peterson caught a 23-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Jacob Dilbeck.