Wild camomile

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(Bot.) one or more plants of the composite genus Matricaria, much resembling camomile.

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she stooped down and picked a wild camomile at the edge of the path.
No rain had fallen for the last three or four days, and the weather was perfect for that time of the year: there was less dust than usual on the dark-green hedge-rows and on the wild camomile that starred the roadside, yet the grass was dry enough for the little children to roll on it, and there was no cloud but a long dash of light, downy ripple, high, high up in the far-off blue sky.
Perfect for when you are feeling under pressure, the combination of wild camomile, petitgrain, frankincense and rosemary promises to help you to focus and clarify your thoughts.
A fan of meditation and relaxation, Madge would love Aromatherapy Associates' De-stress bath and shower oil, top right, a blend of wild camomile and frankincense.