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 (wĭl′ə-mē′nə, vĭl′hĕl-) 1880-1962.
Queen of the Netherlands (1890-1948) who sought refuge in England during World War II but continued to encourage the Dutch resistance. In 1948 she abdicated in favor of her daughter Juliana.
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To you they said, 'How do you do, Wilhelmina, Crimsworth?
Are you willing, Wilhelmina, to share my ignorance?
Wilhelmina Jallah, Lofa County Superintendent - designate William Tamba Kamba, River Gee County Superintendent - designate Mr.
Marital Pressure: The Duchess of Buccleuch (Dame Diana Rigg) wants Wilhelmina (Bebe Cave) to settle down with a husband, and she won't be particularly nice about it either.
Two days later, Tang shared the good news with Wilhelmina, and DeLuca followed by promptly dropping to one knee, again, this time to explain to Wilhelmina the significance of an engagement ring,"and how it is really about a commitment to one another," as he said to her.
Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Ottawa, and the brief but touching account of the artist, Wilhelmina Geddes, of Northern Ireland.
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The dad of four got the shock of his life when he had to pull over at the side of the road after wife Wilhelmina couldn't hold on any longer.
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