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(ˈwɪlz dən)

a former borough, now part of Brent, in SE England, near London.
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As previously disclosed in its Schedule 13D filing of November 20, 2017, on October 5, 2017, after significant dialogue with Obsidian CEO David French on the Company's development plan within the Willesden Green Cardium, as well as with numerous Obsidian directors in reaction to Obsidian's analyst day presentation and SEC lawsuit, FrontFour sent to the board of directors of Obsidian a letter outlining its significant concerns with Obsidian's capital plan, strategic direction and value proposition to investors.
In 1896 entrepreneur CF Rowley managed to cram 1,500 people into a tent in Willesden Green, London, to see a hot tea drinking competition, a wheelbarrow race and a singing competition where each entrant had to vocalise while holding a live pig.
The three had been at a bus stop in Willesden Green in June 2014, North London Coroners Court was told.
has reached binding commercial agreements to proceed with a new 55,000 bpd propane-plus fractionator (RFS III) at its existing Redwater fractionation and storage complex and a high vapor pressure (HVP) pipeline lateral that will extend the gathering potential of its Brazeau Pipeline in the Willesden Green area of south-central Alberta.
In conjunction with building RFS III, Pembina also plans to construct a new HVP pipeline lateral into the Willesden Green area in south-central Alberta, at an estimated cost of approximately US$ 60 million.
This joint venture will encompass a multiyear commitment to jointly develop the aforementioned acreage in Ferrier and Willesden Green of West Central Alberta encompassing 70 gross wells, with anticipated total capital expenditures to the joint venture of CAD200m.
But activities in Ramadan were always held in hired venues, especially the Pakistani community centre in Willesden Green and Nadi Park Royal leisure centre in Harlesden both in northwest London.
A few years later he landed in a bedsit in the rather less salubrious climes of Willesden Green, north London, keen to kickstart his hospitality career.
After 12 years she plans to move from her two-bed, Victorian converted flat in Willesden Green, North London, to a three-bedroom terraced cottage on the London-Herts border.
In a press statement, MQM Co-ordination Committee alleged that Zulfiqar Mirza was addressing a meeting in the community centre of Willesden Green area of London.
Myfanwy was born in Willesden Green, London, but moved to Welshpool in Powys when she was seven.