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Noun1.William Byrd - English organist and composer of church musicWilliam Byrd - English organist and composer of church music; master of 16th century polyphony; was granted a monopoly in music printing with Thomas Tallis (1543-1623)
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of late one John pattyn which for manye yeares had that roome is now departed this worlde; In consideracion wherof manye of the Wourshipfull cytizens of london & other places have desyered one other to be placed in that roome / and for that cause hath commended unto us William byrde the bearer herof being a musicion & now servant & wayght of the said universitie.
This records payment 'To William Byrde gentleman upon a warrante signed by mr Secratarie dated xxix(mo) december 1596 for bringing lettres from Roon [Rouen] in Normandye vj(li).
in 1559 he was kept afloat largely by loans from leading London merchants chants, William Byrde in particular, and this close connection with the City lasted throughout his life.