William Cowper

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Noun1.William Cowper - English surgeon who discovered Cowper's gland (1666-1709)
2.William Cowper - English poet who wrote hymns and poetry about nature (1731-1800)
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112, even with the spirit of poor William Cowper there at Olney.
Prints of great-uncles, famed for their prowess in the East, hung above Chinese teapots, whose sides were riveted by little gold stitches, and the precious teapots, again, stood upon bookcases containing the complete works of William Cowper and Sir Walter Scott.
Even after the shop in Gerrard Street closed, being compulsorily purchased as part of the rebuilding of Lozells and Newtown, Artemis continued to work hard, helping her son Michael in his chip shops and restaurants and even working as a lollipop lady at William Cowper School in Summer Lane, Newtown.
The passionate Marianne Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility says that the "beautiful lines" of the poet William Cowper have "frequently almost driven me wild".
William Cowper (1731-1800), Enlish poet and hymnodist Walking with God (c.
New discourses and visions are invoked to argue that pet keeping became ever more socially acceptable, evinced in the lives of Lady Isabella Wentworth, William Cowper, Gilbert White, and Horace Walpole, and in the new genre of pet portraiture.
As English poet William Cowper famously wrote in 1785, "Variety's the spice of life.
In the preface to his translation of Homer (1791), William Cowper stressed the "fidelity" the translator owes to the original; however, the object of this fidelity is fluid in the contemporary era.
Lynch closes by examining the melancholy pleasure that Victorians derived from mourning their dead poets, visiting their graves, and contemplating photographs of landscapes from which landscape poets such as William Cowper or Wordsworth were pointedly absent.
These include Jean Theophilus Desaguliers, George Payne, Charles Delafaye, William Cowper and Nathaniel Blackerby.
He began playing in the William Cowper Street School team as a schoolboy and was still playing four weeks before his death.
Her favorite poet, William Cowper, penned angry verses "condemning the slave trade, French despotism, fashionable manners, and lukewarm clergymen"--sentiments Austen shared.