William Crookes

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Noun1.William Crookes - English chemist and physicistWilliam Crookes - English chemist and physicist; discovered thallium; invented the radiometer and studied cathode rays (1832-1919)
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He demonstrated the effect to scientific acquaintances, including the chemist William Crookes and William Robert Grove.
William Crookes (1832-1919) and the commercialization of science.
Specifically, the reader becomes familiar with Society for Psychical Research (SPR) founders Henry Sidgwick, Frederic Myers, and Edmund Gurney, as well as investigators including Alfred Russel Wallace (coauthor of the theory of natural selection), physicist and chemist William Crookes, aristocrat and future prime minister Arthur Balfour, mathematician Nora (Balfour) Sidgwick, physicist William Barrett (cofounder of the American SPR), "cheerful cynic" Richard Hodgson (p.