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Noun1.William Dawes - American patriot who rode with Paul Revere to warn that the British were advancing on Lexington and Concord (1745-1799)
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The demand is from clean tech and many consumer devices," said Mkango CEO William Dawes.
The potential of her analysis, however, exceeds what is indicated by her own summary, which lacks the specificity characteristic of her fine archival work (focusing on Anne Hart Gilbert and John Gilbert, William Dawes, and Robert Wedderburn, among others).
26 views of the starburst world; William Dawes at Sydney Cove, 1788-91.
26 Views of the Starburst World: William Dawes at Sydney Cove 1788-91
The school is called the William Dawes Elementary, which American history buffs will tell you is a reference to one of the riders who alerted the minutemen to the arrival of British troops.
In this issue I have started to print the first part of my biography of William Dawes.
The Theatre Museum has recently acquired this mysterious work by William Dawes.
Although he made a similar ride, William Dawes has received just a footnote in the history books because his views were not as well known as Revere's.
We all know of Paul Revere's famous ride, but how many of us know that William Dawes made a similar ride?
SN William Dawes, assigned to USS Constitution, prepares for the first turnaround cruise of the year.