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Noun1.William Shockley - United States physicist (born in England) who contributed to the development of the electronic transistor (1910-1989)
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William Shockley, on Tony Brown's Journal and was reported to have "eviscerated" the Nobel Prize winner, explaining that her theory was "an attempt to understanding the behavior of white people in relationship to all people of color around the world.
It is a story about people: Mervin Kelly, the legendary Bell Labs President, the architect of the organization; Bill Baker, who succeeded him; William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain, inventors of the transistor; Claude Shannon, the father of information theory; and John Pierce, an early champion of the first communication satellites.
The book describes his childhood and schooldays, recruitment into electronics engineering by Nobel Laureate William Shockley, Moore's break with fellow senior staff to form Fairchild, and their invention of the silicon integrated circuit, or microchip.
During the course of an article on the limits of free speech, a writer referred approvingly to the shouting down of William Shockley when he tried to speak at a Staten Island college.
That history, of course, is a Who's Who of innovation and disruption in technology: Alan Turing, William Shockley, Grace Hopper, Pat Haggerty, and a host of others who paved the way for Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tim Berners-Lee, Jimmy Wales, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page--present-day innovators who inspire and lead the way for future generations.
Guest stars of "Leipei" include Alex Carter (Frank Kouris), Charlie Wilson (Boy), William Shockley (Rand Palmer), Shaun Duke Moosekian (Manager), Shaun Duke Moosekian (Manager), Meagan Tandy (Sierra Fisher), Tamlyn Tomita (Homeland Security Agent Shana Rollins) and Rocky Abou-Sakher (Man (Antonis Cosse/Elias Minas).
For the invention of which electronic device did John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain receive the 1956 Nobel prize for physics?
This work was recognized with the 1956 Physics Nobel Prize awarded jointly to William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain "for their researches on semiconductors and their discovery of the transistor effect.
William Shockley was put in charge of a group to work on the problem, but he was not a hands-on supervisor.
She explores this history through case studies of exemplary (pseudo)scientific moments in history: the initial development of eugenics by mathematician Francis Galton, the early history of intelligence testing (or psychometrics), the conversion of Nobel Prize-winning physicist William Shockley to racist eugenics and the expansion of Shockley's theories by psychologist Arthur R.
At Bell Labs the two events of that year encompassed, first, the creation of the transistor by William Shockley and his team that made the present information economy possible; but more important in the author's opinion was the second: the publication of Claude Shannon's "The Mathematical Theory of Communication" in the Bell System Technical Journal (and the next year as a book by the same title with and added chapter by Warren Weaver who helped explain the highly mathematical theory more in layman's terms) (Shannon & Weaver, 1949).
BARRE William Shockley, 62, died Tuesday, July 20, 2010 in Umass Memorial Healthcare.