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Noun1.William Thompson - British physicist who invented the Kelvin scale of temperature and pioneered undersea telegraphy (1824-1907)William Thompson - British physicist who invented the Kelvin scale of temperature and pioneered undersea telegraphy (1824-1907)
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So Tom he thanked them very hearty and handsome, and let himself be persuaded, and come in; and when he was in he said he was a stranger from Hicksville, Ohio, and his name was William Thompson -- and he made another bow.
William Thompson, President, Bahamas Baptist Convention; the Governor General; Rev.
William Thompson, a senior scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will soon publish a reworking of data from a controversial study first published in 2004.
Some writers examined include Christine de Pizan, Mary Astell, Olympe de Gouges, William Thompson, Harriet Jacobs, Virginia Woolf, Zora Neal Hurston, Betty Friedan, Adrienne Rich, Andrea Dworkin, John Stuart Mills, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain, and Nazira Zeineddin.
Gary William Thompson, 32, of Cunningham Way, Antrim, is one of three men accused of killing Mr Cheung and the attempted murder of his wife.
Cosby and William Thompson both belonged to black fraternities in college.
And things got even worse for the home side when the ball looped over keeper Smith and into the Brighouse net after taking an unfortunate bounce as William Thompson attempted to clear a Fowler cross (2-4).
William Thompson e-mailed about his Colorado home: "At the height of bird activity, we see about five such collisions per month with a 20 percent mortality rate.
Michael Spencer and his star chef William Thompson with the help of first-class restaurant management, kitchen and wait staff, went above and beyond in their support during the planning and execution of the evening.
Police Chief William Thompson added that there were no signs that indicated Isabella Tennant was sexually assaulted.
At the time William Thompson said the "restructuring" was necessary to raise extra cash to deal with an odour problem at the plant.
Year 9 pupil William Thompson is one of the eight from Whickham to be selected.