William II

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William II 1

Known as "William Rufus." 1056?-1100.
King of England (1087-1100). He was the second son of William the Conqueror, on whose death he succeeded to the throne.

William II 2

William II

1. (Biography) known as William Rufus. ?1056–1100, king of England (1087–1100); the son of William the Conqueror. He was killed by an arrow while hunting in the New Forest
2. (Biography) known as William the Good. 1154–89, last Norman king of Sicily (1166–89)
3. (Biography) 1792–1849, king of the Netherlands (1840–49); son of William I
4. (Biography) German name Kaiser Wilhelm. 1859–1941, German emperor and king of Prussia (1888–1918): asserted Germany's claim to world leadership; forced to abdicate at the end of World War I
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Noun1.William II - the second son of William the Conqueror who succeeded him as King of England (1056-1100)
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William the Good also founded the cathedral of Monreale, the royal mountain, some 10 kilometres south of the city at the head of the Conca d'Oro.