Willie Mays

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Noun1.Willie Mays - United States baseball player (born in 1931)
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Annette ought to be horse sometimes and not always driver; and Willie may as well make up his mind to let Marion build her house by his, for she will do it, and he needn't fuss about it.
He wrote one of baseball's most iconic books, A Day in the Bleachers, his spirited account of attending Game One of the 1954 World Series, where Willie Mays made one of the greatest catches in baseball history.
Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Jimmie Foxx were the others.
Any young reader interested in Willie Mays but new to his achievements will find this a perfect pitch for his abilities and lasting contributions to the sport.
1968 Willie Mays (San Francisco Giants, National League)
THE TOPIC: The career of Willie Mays spans many of the changes that made baseball the game it is today.
What Did Cy Young, Willie Mays, and Other Oldtimers Make?
The league runs from October through January and has a storied past, with Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson all playing in Puerto Rico.
Hall of Famer Willie Mays and four surviving members of the Birmingham Black Barons will receive the Willie Mays Award for outstanding achievement in baseball history.
From his army stint to his championship season, WILLIE MAYS captures all the highlights of his career and life.
Like his late father Bobby, and his godfather, the immortal Willie Mays, Bonds was a multifaceted player combining power and speed.
Soon players like Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, and Willie Mays became the elite players in the game.