Willow tea

the prepared leaves of a species of willow largely grown in the neighborhood of Shanghai, extensively used by the poorer classes of Chinese as a substitute for tea.

See also: Willow

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Their interiors included 120 Mains Street (1900), their first marital home; the House for an Art Lover (1901); the Rose Boudoir (1902); and the Room de Luxe at the Willow Tea Rooms (1903).
We had a short hit list of definites including the famous Willow Tea Rooms, Sauchiehall Street, The Lighthouse and a private tour of Glasgow School of Art where Charles Rennie Mackintosh's world was waiting to be explored.
Take a leisurely stroll in Festival Park, or if you prefer some retail therapy you can shop up a storm in the Buchanan Galleries before enjoying afternoon tea at the Willow Tea Rooms.
Paned yn y Willow Tea Rooms oedd ein profiad cyntaf o'i waith yn Glasgow.
A trip to Glasgow would not be complete without visits to the icons of Mackintosh architecture--Hill House, the Glasgow School of Art, and Miss Cranston's Willow Tea Room.
This and other parts of the building are accessible, outside concerts, only as part of guided tours, but the casual visitor shouldn't miss the basement American Bar, an art nouveau masterpiece to place alongside Mackintosh's Willow tea rooms in Glasgow, where you an buy a cup of coffee made on the original vintage machine.
Mackintosh's designs are featured in the interiors of the Willow Tea Rooms in Sauchiehall Street and it is here the Billiard Room is open to the public this year - the first time since 1928.
7) A chair for the order desk of the Willow Tea Rooms, built of ebonised oak and reupholstered with horsehair, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904.
Sheila Proctor, business manager of the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow, said business has been booming since the art school fire.
They want to safeguard the future of the city's Willow Tea Rooms, Scotland Street School, Queen Margaret's Medical College and the Martyrs' Public School,
As it was though he was happy enough to browse the bookshops so long as the afternoon's shopping was punctuated with refreshments in the Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed Willow Tea Room.