Wilson's disease

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Wil·son disease

 (wĭl′sən) or Wil·son's disease (-sənz)
A rare genetic disease caused by a defect in copper metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of copper in the liver, brain, kidneys, and cornea and causing neurological symptoms and liver disease.

[After Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson (1877-1937), British neurologist.]

Wil′son's disease`

a rare hereditary disease marked by copper accumulation in the brain and liver, leading to neurological damage and kidney malfunction.
(after Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson (1878–1936), British neurologist, who described it in 1912]
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Noun1.Wilson's disease - a rare inherited disorder of copper metabolismWilson's disease - a rare inherited disorder of copper metabolism; copper accumulates in the liver and then in the red blood cells and brain

Wilson's disease

n. enfermedad de Wilson, enfermedad hereditaria que se manifiesta con serios trastornos hepáticos y cerebrales.
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CASE REPORT: A 19 yrs old unbooked primigravida, a known case of Wilson's disease, at 37 wks of gestation was admitted in early labour.
The coveted first place was awarded to research on the Wilson's disease, whose aim was enlighten and raise awareness that a lack of subsidiary 'workers' in the human body can be just as impactful to the system as principal 'workers'.
Trientine hydrochloride is used in the treatment of penicillamine-intolerant patients with Wilson's disease, a genetic disease that prevents the body from removing excess copper and potentially causing life-threatening organ damage.
Andrea, from Throckley, has been plagued with health problems since the age of 14 when she was diagnosed with Wilson's Disease - a genetic disorder that results in a build-up of copper in the body - and told that without a liver transplant she would be dead within three weeks.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Wilson's Disease Association (1732 First Avenue, #20043, NY, NY 10128 or wilsonsdisease.
Keywords: Autoimmune Hepatitis, Neonatal Jaundice, Wilson's disease.
EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines: Wilson's disease.
The existing findings led us to a diagnosis of neuroacanthocytosis syndromes, as the serum copper, serum ceruloplasmin, and 24-hour urine copper levels required for the definitive diagnosis of Wilson's disease were normal.
Determination of apoceruloplasmin by radioimmunoassay in nutritional copper deficiency, Menkes' kinky hair syndrome, Wilson's disease, and umbilical cord blood.
The drug also is used to treat Wilson's disease, a genetic disorder in which the body retains copper.
Now a healthy trainee teacher, at 12 years old Charley was diagnosed with Wilson's Disease - a rare, inherited disorder that causes too much copper to accrue in the liver, brain and other vital organs.
Furthermore, 150 mg/day zinc is a standard treatment for Wilson's disease that requires treatment for the rest of a patient's life.