Wilson Dam

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Wil′son Dam′

a dam on the Tennessee River, in NW Alabama. 4862 ft. (1482 km) long; 137 ft. (42 km) high.
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The recent rains have created delays in scheduled maintenance activities at Wilson Dam and the roadway across the top of the dam.
Cooper served as chief engineer of the Keokuk Dam on the Mississippi River (1913); design and consulting engineer for the Wilson Dam on the Muscle Shoals River (1924); and a consulting engineer on the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, Soviet Union (1932).
We also thank the Wilson Dam Local Section of the American Chemical Society for additional support.
In 2002, a large mussel die-off was noted in Pickwick Reservoir, Tennessee River, AL, tail waters of Wilson Dam Tennessee River mile (TRM) 259.
Winding a 53-mile-long course from Pickwick Landing Dam in Tennessee to Wilson Dam in Alabama, Pickwick boasts nearly 490 miles of shoreline and more than 43,000 acres of water surface.