Winchester rifle

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Winchester rifle

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) trademark a breech-loading lever-action repeating rifle with a tubular magazine under the barrel. Often shortened to: Winchester
[C19: named after O. F. Winchester (1810–80), US manufacturer]

Win′chester ri′fle

a.44-caliber magazine rifle, first produced in 1866.
[1870–75; after Dutch. French. Winchester (1810–80), U.S. manufacturer]

Winchester rifle®

nWinchesterbüchse f
References in classic literature ?
Below it stated that a guard of police, armed with Winchester rifles, had been requisitioned for the defense of the office.
McMurdo sprang to his feet and half drew his revolver; but his arm stopped midway as he became conscious that two Winchester rifles were levelled at his head.
But the west wasn't won by simply venturing where greater directors have gone before, even when your film is distinguished by an eye-catching lead performance from Mads Mikkelsen as a wronged husband who exacts justice with his trusty Winchester rifle.
Heck, it only seemed right to use Winchester ammunition in a Winchester rifle.
An archaeological survey in Great Basin National Park, eastern Nevada stumbled upon a 132-year-old Winchester rifle propped against a tree.
The "Thirty-Fifth Edition Anniversary Edition Blue Book of Gun Values" lists a 95 percent (there is no value on 98 or 100 percent) takedown Model 1895 Winchester rifle at $5,880.
WINCHESTER RIFLE New boy Jude will be on target just like predecessor Liam Boyce
62 mm Saiga short rifle with silencer and optical tracker, Nagant revolver, Winchester rifle, 2 Kalashnikov assault rifles with silencer, plenty of 7.
Elsewhere in the Best of the West issue, C&I writers and editors wax enthusiastic for 20 Western essentials — everything from the cast-iron skillet and the saddlebag to the Pendleton blanket and the Winchester rifle — and pay tribute to such notables as up-and-coming Navajo artist Patrick Dean Hubbell, The Band Perry, and the late, great Harry Carey Jr.
22-caliber Winchester rifle and masterful skill with an accordion.
body counts, the Winchester rifle, gambling, skyscrapers, sports, the
27 calibre Winchester Rifle for an unlawful purpose on May 21 last.