Winchester rifle

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Winchester rifle

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) trademark a breech-loading lever-action repeating rifle with a tubular magazine under the barrel. Often shortened to: Winchester
[C19: named after O. F. Winchester (1810–80), US manufacturer]

Win′chester ri′fle

a.44-caliber magazine rifle, first produced in 1866.
[1870–75; after Dutch. French. Winchester (1810–80), U.S. manufacturer]

Winchester rifle®

nWinchesterbüchse f
References in classic literature ?
When I told the Professor he shouted in glee like a schoolboy, and after looking intently till a snow fall made sight impossible, he laid his Winchester rifle ready for use against the boulder at the opening of our shelter.
But the four men raised their Winchester rifles, and in an unmistakable way commanded them to stop.
Below it stated that a guard of police, armed with Winchester rifles, had been requisitioned for the defense of the office.
McMurdo sprang to his feet and half drew his revolver; but his arm stopped midway as he became conscious that two Winchester rifles were levelled at his head.
A Winchester rifle for the sportsman or a fully automatic 30-round assault rifle for those who want to destroy an entire flock of pasties in flight.
The design for each room was inspired, or so she believed, by the whispers of those tortured souls who had the misfortune to perish at the end of a Winchester rifle, and who had returned from the grave to either heap punishment on the family or offer them redemption.
When investigators searched Jameson's home in Modesto, California, they found several firearms - including a Winchester rifle and a handgun - and fireworks.
Such was the case when a competitive shooter alerted me of his urgent need for an ejector pin for his Model 70 Winchester rifle.
A highly embellished Model 1895 Winchester rifle decorated by master engraver John Ulrich, intended to be a presentation piece given by President Theodore Roosevelt, sold for a whopping $92,000 at the Oct.
One prominent ad said that every "real boy" wanted a Winchester rifle.
Van Meter gunned down Patrolman Wagner with his Winchester rifle during the getaway.