Window sill

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Dolokhov, the bottle of rum still in his hand, jumped onto the window sill.
cried Dolokhov, hammering with the bottle on the window sill to attract attention.
A thin young lad, an hussar of the Life Guards, who had been losing that evening, climbed on the window sill, leaned over, and looked down.
Placing the bottle on the window sill where he could reach it easily, Dolokhov climbed carefully and slowly through the window and lowered his legs.
One hand moved as if to clutch the window sill, but refrained from touching it.
Of course I said fair and square at once what I had done, and why; then I showed the master the flies, some crushed and some crawling about helpless, and I showed him the wings on the window sill.
It had been a red sunrise, and she had leaned on the window sill studying her lesson and thinking what a lovely world it was.
Her mum Laurie Gath, who had momentarily turned her back, found the youngster on the window sill and cut her free.
But that hasn't prevented Fartown man Edward Simpson from growing a stupendous pineapple plant - all from a single slice of the fruit left on a window sill at his York Avenue home.
In the back yard (which gets all the afternoon sun), a piece of window sill has broken away.
2 THE advantages of recess fitting are that the blind is made to fit the window and works with its proportions, and the window sill and wall around the window can still be used.
Your toddler has discovered how to climb and is particularly pleased when he can get on to the window sill in the living room.