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vec′tor graph′ics

a method of electronically coding graphic images so that they are represented in lines rather than fixed bit maps, allowing an image, as on a computer display screen, to be rotated or proportionally scaled.
image vectorielle
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The technology and concepts behind Windows Presentation Foundation (WPR) are the same ones behind Silverlight and XAML-based Windows Store applications, he says, so the information here can be useful in developing software for the Windows Phone and the Windows Store as well.
Medical staff can use intuitive navigation screens "with a Windows Presentation Foundation graphical subsystem and Kendo UI framework,", to access patients' info.
NET framework and designed with the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), FMS.
Developer's guide to Microsoft Prism 4; building modular MVVM applications using Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight.
Architect is built using Microsoft[R] Windows[R] Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and extensible application markup language (XAML), all on a .
NET Framework and Windows Presentation Foundation for easier interface use and increased scalability and configuration flexibility.
The firma[euro](tm)s flagship product, Studio Enterprise, is designed to meet Microsoft Visual Studio developersa[euro](tm) development needs, whether working in Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.
Citing Salameh in its report, The Verge says several desktop applications could crash if the bug is planted via Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Silverlight based apps, Visual Studio 2010, Expressions Blend, Windows Presentation Foundation based apps.
The solution is said to be the only product of its kind utilizing the latest Windows Presentation Foundation, delivered by Microsoft's latest Visual Studio tools.
The second is a new comprehensive IDE for migration of existing code to Windows Presentation Foundation applications, building new Windows Presentation Foundation-based applications, and deploying 100 percent managed code on top of the Microsoft Visual Studio shell, all with existing PowerBuilder skills.
Net Framework Assistant and the accompanying Windows Presentation Foundation plug-in to its rarely-used blocking list, which then threw up a warning to users notifying them that the pair was being barred from Firefox.
XAP + HTML files ready for publishing to web sites, or to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) format as a single .