copy protection

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copy protection

Any of various methods to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted material on electronic media, usually by making it impossible to access the content of any of the copies.

cop′y-pro·tect′ v.

cop′y protec`tion

a method of preventing users of a computer program from making unauthorized copies, usu. through hidden instructions contained in the program code.
cop′y-protect`ed, adj.
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While at Microsoft,he's worked on FrontPage 2000, SQL Server 2005, Windows Product Activation, Real Time Communicator, XBox Live Applications and Web Engineering.
OEMs and their end customers also benefit from longer product support life cycles, reduced OS provisioning times with the elimination of the need for Windows Product Activation (WPA), and reduced downtime with the ability to create a single recovery image that includes the full OS image, embedded applications and third-party drivers.