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A trademark for any of a series of GUIs or GUI-based computer operating systems.


pl n
denoting a VDU display in which some areas may be manipulated separately from the rest of the display area


(ˈwɪn doʊz)
Trademark. any of several microcomputer operating systems or environments featuring a graphical user interface: developed by Microsoft Corporation.
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Noun1.Windows - (trademark) an operating system with a graphical user interface
operating system, OS - (computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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Applications designed for these older platforms often do not function properly on recent Windows versions and their adaptation requires extensive development efforts and cost.
com)-- iDeerApp Software announces 2014 Halloween Special Offer for iDeer Blu-ray Player Mac and Windows versions.
It is expected to be added on both Mac and Windows versions.
Windows versions were also released of the SnapMail and SnapTalk secure messaging and file-transfer software programs.
For vendors with both DOS and Windows products, most of their new customers opt for the Windows versions, but a significant number of old-timers still cling to DOS.
To begin with, all the vendors offering nursing home management software either have created, or are scrambling to create, Windows versions of their programs.
Mapcon 95, available in interoperable DOS and Windows versions, features time-interval, 52-week-calendar, and gauge/meter preventive-maintenance scheduling as well as a variety of inventory, purchasing, cost-accounting, and human-resources management functions.
Often data files will work equally well with both the DOS and Windows versions or the conversion will be transparent to the user.
It's no surprise that Quark and Aldus have developed enhanced Windows versions of their popular desktop programs.
With NovaNet-WEB, providers can manage and automate an unlimited number of backup jobs for Windows Vista as well as earlier Windows versions.
On Guard is compatible with Novell and Windows versions after Windows 95.
Many tax software programmers are frantically writing or revising code for their new Windows versions in an effort to meet the yearend deadline.

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