Wine skin

a bottle or bag of skin, used, in various countries, for carrying wine.

See also: Wine

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But I had expected that Wike to present a fresh candidate from his state like Elder Felix Obuah instead of an old wine in a new wine skin.
Bota Box takes its name from the traditional Spanish wine skin known as a bota used to carry wine for centuries.
In the center of the kylix, Dionysus reclines on a wine skin while imbibing.
Turns out they do a brisk business in products explicitly packaged for use with white wine skin contact, which suggests somebody out there must be soaking their exocarps.
The Wine Skin is constructed of a urethane outer material with a foam insert.
2:22) New wine symbolizes new challenges and old wine skins symbolize old solutions.
The festival is the only day when the townsfolk can drink on the streets and as I ventured out at around 9am, everyone had bodas, like the wine skins of the legend, made of fabric and filled with the wine of Caravaca.
We would invite the muse, challenge the Great Spirit, crush all things residing in old wine skins, and fashion the new.
Researchers believe the pigment comes from red wine skins.
Karasz has an 80-gallon Alembic-style, copper pot still made in Portugal to produce two products: a grape brandy from wine and grappa from white wine skins (including Riesling, Cayuga White and Vignoles skins).
The new wine of the gospel will always need new wine skins.