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A variety of apple having fruit with dark red skin.


(Plants) a variety of apple with dark red skin, often used in cooking



n. (sometimes l.c.)
a red variety of apple that ripens in the autumn.
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Noun1.Winesap - crisp apple with dark red skinWinesap - crisp apple with dark red skin  
dessert apple, eating apple - an apple used primarily for eating raw without cooking
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By the front door, we then gazed on an inviting tray of Winesaps with a printout touting the many virtues of this traditional apple variety.
Husband Bill Carson hitches up the hay wagon, preparing to take visitors through the working orchard, which at its peak shipped 125,000 bushels per year of Grimes Goldens, Stayman Winesaps, and others.
They probably brought local varieties, such as Pearmains, Russets, or Winesaps over with them, either as slips or as seeds, and no doubt these were among the first trees to be planted at the Indian orchard at Nashobah.