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n. pl. Winnebago or Win·ne·ba·gos or Win·ne·ba·goes

[Fox wiinepyeekooha, those of the dirty water.]


npl -gos or -go
1. (Placename) Lake Winnebago a lake in E Wisconsin, fed and drained by the Fox river: the largest lake in the state. Area: 557 sq km (215 sq miles)
2. (Peoples) a member of a North American Indian people living in Wisconsin and Nebraska
3. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Siouan family


(ˌwɪn əˈbeɪ goʊ)

Lake, a lake in E Wisconsin. 30 mi. (48 km) long.
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Noun1.Winnebago - a member of the Siouan-speaking people formerly living in eastern Wisconsin south of Green Bay; ally of the Menomini and enemy of the Fox and Sauk people
Siouan, Sioux - a member of a group of North American Indian peoples who spoke a Siouan language and who ranged from Lake Michigan to the Rocky Mountains
2.Winnebago - the Siouan language spoken by the Winnebago
Siouan language, Siouan - a family of North American Indian languages spoken by the Sioux
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The greatest authority on the tribe was Paul Radin, who discussed them in his report The Winnebago Tribe (1923), for the Bureau of American Ethnology, and also in The World of Primitive Man (1953).