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(wɪnˈtɛl) ,
adj. Informal.
of or designating a computer that uses a microprocessor made by Intel Corporation and any of the Windows operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation.
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For consumers, the new Wintel hybrids from Acer, Asus, HP, and Samsung are probably the best bets for a holiday purchase.
Most agree that Wintel led the development of the PC industry, with brands relying on the indisputable reliability, ingenuity of Wintel's hardware design specifications, and that PCs equipped with Intel processors and Windows OS were surefire profit-makers.
Carlos Koch, director general de Wintel, hablo sobre la propuesta que la empresa esta haciendo a los distribuidores que en la actualidad integran su base de datos.
Technically, RISC-based microprocessors still have a floating-point performance advantage over the Itanium systems, but Wintel platforms are far more ubiquitous, even in design and analysis shops.
If you go into some of the big chains, they often push you toward Wintel products,'' he said.
While Apple's card obviously supports Macintosh, Cisco's is aimed primarily at Wintel PC users.
The system runs on Windows NT, among other platforms, giving users the benefit of the price/performance advantage of Wintel systems.
President and chief executive officer, GA Gagliardi said the firm, the largest reseller of the Wintel PC platform was facing the same Y2K sales slowdown experienced by other, Wintel providers, IBM Corp Compaq Corp and Hewlett-Packard Co.
If you look at the Wintel platform, it's had a lot to do with the buoyancy of the economy in the last seven or eight years.