base station

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base station

(Broadcasting) a fixed transmitter that forms part of an otherwise mobile radio network

base′ sta`tion

a unit functioning as a transmitter and receiver of broadcasting or other signals, as for a CB radio or mobile phone.
station de base
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A RedKite wireless base station will transmit the symmetric, uncontended bandwidth for subscribers to pick up using outdoor antennas.
Since then, DoCoMo and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited have made progress in jointly developing prototype wireless base station equipment, and maximum downlink transmission speeds of approximately 900Mbps have now been achieved through the application of MIMO[1] technology, a core technology for high-speed, high-volume wireless communications.
With the PM7815 PALADIN Digital Correction Signal Processor already shipping in production OEM systems, PMC-Sierra has further solidified its role as a key vendor for 3G Wireless Base Station silicon.
PLANO, Texas -- Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ: INPH), a leading global provider of solutions for converged communications networks, is pleased to announce the iSPAN 36702 Wireless Base Station Module.
Table 41: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Infrastructure Test Equipment by Product Segment - Wireless Base Station Test Equipment and Wireless Mobile Backhaul & Network Core Test Equipment Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Thousand for Years 2009 through 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-79 Table 42: World 10-Year Perspective for Infrastructure Test Equipment by Product Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Wireless Base Station Test Equipment and Wireless Mobile Backhaul & Network Core Test Equipment Markets for Years 2009, 2013 & 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-80
the world's leading provider of programmable solutions, unveiled its complete suite of silicon, software and IP solutions designed specifically to enable the "future-proof" programmable wireless base station.
New contracts with two major OEMs for local test and repair of long-haul optical product and wireless base station equipment will require significant workforce and facility expansion in early 2007.
These efforts enable IDT and TI to build-out the Serial RapidIO([R])ecosystem through the development of an interoperable baseband processing solution, providing wireless base station designers an excellent means to achieve higher-performance digital signal processing.
The newly developed HotZone 4010 WiMax/WiFi wireless base station, created through many years of R&D, is able to provide more bandwidth for less money than other wireless solutions on the market.
This investment underscores our belief in the tremendous impact that the PulseWave RF Class M Power technology will have on the wireless base station market," said Bandel Carano, Managing Partner at Oak Investment Partners.
0 features extended range of devices, and enhanced library and simulation features; new low- and high-frequency PLL synthesizers target wireless base station applications.

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