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The monitoring, recording, and measuring of a living organism's basic physiological functions, such as heart rate, muscle activity, and body temperature, by the use of telemetry techniques.


(Medicine) the monitoring of biological functions in humans or animals by means of a miniature transmitter that sends data to a distant point to be read by electronic instruments
biotelemetric adj


(ˌbaɪ oʊ təˈlɛm ɪ tri)

the tracking or monitoring of a person or animal with the use of a telemeter.
bi`o•te•lem′e•ter, n.
bi`o•tel`e•met′ric (-ˌtɛl əˈmɛ trɪk) adj.
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SPIRAX SARCO says its new STAPS Wireless monitoring system is a quick and easy way to implement continuous monitoring of entire steam trap populations, regardless of manufacturer, reducing costs and significantly improving steam system performance.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 31, 2014-VTech to introduce new line of wireless monitoring solutions for the connected home at the 2015 International CES tradeshow
The Smart-Vue wireless monitoring solution is a must-have for your ultra-low temperature (UTL) freezers, blood bank refrigerators, and plasma freezers.
The firm then asserts: "We ARE the YELLOW BOX (the WMS-1B Wireless Monitoring System).
introduced its new Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue wireless monitoring solution designed to protect samples by monitoring key lab parameters including temperature, C02 concentration, humidity and differential pressure.
This Omega series of wireless monitoring and control system is highly compatible with a range of company wireless sensors, including the UWTC, UWRTD, and z series.
Textron Systems, part of US multi-industry group Textron Inc (NYSE:TXT), said yesterday it had bought the Crane Wireless Monitoring Solutions (WMS) business of US engineered products company Crane Co (NYSE:CR).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-8 July 2010-Textron Systems acquires Crane Wireless Monitoring Solutions(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
On Tuesday, General Electric announced its Wireless Monitoring Solution capable of improving operational efficiency and productivity by reliably monitoring, diagnosing and maintaining water equipment and processes.
s Wireless Monitoring Solutions (WMS) business unit, a leading provider of wireless sensor networks for industrial, commercial and government applications.
San Diego-based Soflinx Corporation has launched the Soflinx Defender, a wireless monitoring and control system that provides perimeter security.

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