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The equation for WISD proposed by Chiras and Manaster (1978) is as follows,
With an operating budget of $145 million and about 2,430 employees, WISD is one of the largest employers in the city of Weslaco.
The second contract would involve a broader study to analyze space utilization by the City, County, and WISD, examine various vacant or under used structures, determine whether it is cost effective to renovate certain structures, and make recommendations on possible joint uses or uses by another Party.
0 GHz portfolio," said Randy Clark, Product Manager for WISD.
Arbor Public Schools ( PS ), the Board of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District ( WISD ), the
As one of the most comprehensive innovators of components for radio networks, we're focused on producing not just great components, but great solutions for our customers," said Daniel Artusi, vice president and general manager of Motorola's WISD.