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For the wise men in our country say that to see all things, or as they express it, OMNIVIDENCE, is the attribute of God alone.
Therefore a wise prince ought to hold a third course by choosing the wise men in his state, and giving to them only the liberty of speaking the truth to him, and then only of those things of which he inquires, and of none others; but he ought to question them upon everything, and listen to their opinions, and afterwards form his own conclusions.
And to describe them as wise men sounds to me like a downright contradiction in terms.
It hath been observed, by wise men or women, I forget which, that all persons are doomed to be in love once in their lives.
He was one of those wise men who regard beauty in the other sex as a very worthless and superficial qualification; or, to speak more truly, who rather chuse to possess every convenience of life with an ugly woman, than a handsome one without any of those conveniences.
Master," said Gossip Tourangeau, as he took leave of the archdeacon, "I love wise men and great minds, and I hold you in singular esteem.
Besides, it is for the sake of the soul that these things are desirable; and it is on this account that wise men should desire them, not the soul for them.
That which is past is gone, and irrevocable; and wise men have enough to do, with things present and to come; therefore they do but trifle with themselves, that labor in past matters.
Conservative politicians condemned the casting of two women and celebrated drag act La Prohibida as the wise men in Madrid's religious celebration.
There were wise men (magi) from far corners of the earth that came looking for the infant king.
Ancient Persia is linked to the Christmas story through the Three Wise Men, who were probably Zoroastrian priests and astronomers.
4 What gifts did the Three Wise Men give baby Jesus?