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v. t.1.To show; to teach; to inform; to guide; to direct.
Ere we depart I shall thee so well wisse
That of mine house ne shalt thou never misse.
- Chaucer.
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L'un de ses dirigeants, Wissen Saidi a affirme lundi que son parti accueillera bientot sous son pavillon maintes personnalites qui n'ont plus partie liee avec d'autres formations politiques.
The first sentence of Ausser sich (Beside yourself)--"Ich weiss nicht, wohin es geht, alle anderen wissen es, ich nicht" (I don't know where we are going; everyone else knows, I don't)--sets the tone for the rest of the novel.
Wissenschaft bezeichnet ein institutionalisiertes Feld, das die Produktion von Wissen durch Forschung, die Vermittlung von Wissen durch Lehre, die Prufung von Wissen durch Kritik und die Bewahrung von Wissen durch Dokumentation umfasst.
Brand and Wissen, 2013) Brand firms are progressively embracing corporate sustainability aiming to manage the long global chains and attain their business objectives (Popescu, Comanescu, and Sabie, 2016): they attempt to construe and incorporate environmental matters into their main operations (Popescu et al.
Brand and Wissen, 2013) The success of capacity-building links relies on the relative involvement of the various members in relation to their basic expertise and capabilities.
Puede resultar fructifero realzar algunas cuestiones de este debate que en 2005 fue plasmado en un numero, dedicado al mismo, de la revista "Erwagen, Wissen, Ethik".
With high rates of malnutrition and iron deficiency, many children weren't reaching anywhere near their optimal heights," advises Denise Van Wissen, a nutritionist working with the Soynica project.
Zu den Hauptaufgaben von Madis Norvik als wissenschaftlicher Sekretar gehorte die Erarbeitung eines diesbezuglichen Handlungsplanes fur das Institut, woruber wir als Aussenstehende verstandlicherweise nur sehr wenig wissen.
The Socratic not-knowing is not mere ignorance, but an ignorance which knows itself qua talis, that is, as forming a cogitative structure in virtue of which the knowledge is, in a constitutive way, a knowledge which does not know: ein nichtwissendes Wissen.
According to the company, this exclusive deal gives customers who download the app the bestselling eBook Erlosung by Jussi Adler Olsen, along with current issues of top selling magazines Audio Video Foto Bild, GQ Germany, Connect, Zeit Wissen and Sport Bild.
He then led three magazines as editor in chief: GEO Wissen beginning in 1986, Natur in 1993, and Gesundheit in 1998.

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