Witch balls

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a name applied to the interwoven rolling masses of the stems of herbs, which are driven by the winds over the steppes of Tartary. Cf. Tumbleweed.

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Christmas shiny balls are today very rare and often mistaken as witch balls.
Another legend states that witches are curious creatures and are allured to the Witch Balls by the colours.
GOOD IDEA: Mirrored gazing globes or witch balls can be used to add some glitz to flowerbeds - and legend has it that it will keep your house protected from the evil of witchery
Baubles are the descendants of so-called witch balls which were used to ward off evil spirits, while mistletoe comes to us from the Roman winter solstice festival of Saturnalia and early marriage rites, where it represented fertility.
8 Keep brasses polished to bring in the light and to reflect it around the room and hang witch balls -bright and shiny coloured glass balls in your home for extra luck.