withholding tax

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with·hold·ing tax

 (wĭth-hōl′dĭng, wĭth-)
A portion of an employee's wages or salary withheld by the employer as partial payment of the employee's income tax. Also called payroll tax, withholding.

withholding tax

1. (Banking & Finance) tax deducted at source from income, esp from dividends, paid to nonresidents of a country, which may be reclaimed if a double-taxation agreement exists between the country in which the income is paid and the country of residence of the recipient
2. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) US a portion of an employee's tax liability paid directly to the government by the employer

withhold′ing tax`

that part of an employee's tax liability withheld by the employer from wages or salary and paid directly to the government. Also called with•hold′ing.
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Noun1.withholding tax - income tax withheld from employees' wages and paid directly to the government by the employer
income tax - a personal tax levied on annual income
pay as you earn, PAYE - the British system of withholding tax

withholding tax

(US) → (vom Arbeitgeber) einbehaltene Steuer
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Power projects (and income thereof) have already been exempted from income tax and turnover tax, while the customs-duty, sales-tax and with-holding tax have also been removed from the imports of equipment like power panels and inverters, etc, he said.
A December 1985 decree reduced the with-holding tax rate on non-domiciled foreign companies serving the oil exploration sector, from 25% to 5%.
3 percent with-holding tax on bank transactions and whether it will affect the bank deposits and transactions in general, Mr.
Lahore -- The Pakistan People Party (PPP) Punjab Chapter expressed it total solidarity with the traders' community and fully supports its strikes to press for their demand of withdrawal of with-holding tax.
Dilating on the measures taken by the government to increase tax collection the Finance Minister said the government had imposed with-holding tax on retailers and distributors, minimum tax on builders and developers and was focusing on sectors that are out of the tax net, besides giving access to banking information for bringing in the tax net non-assesses for increasing the number of tax payers in the country.