withdrawal syndrome

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with·draw·al syn·drome

n. síndrome de privación de una droga adictiva como resultado de la supresión de la misma.
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You are in a sense self-medicating a mild withdrawal syndrome by drinking more.
Chronic marijuana users are also prone to addiction, and withdrawal syndrome.
Withdrawal symptoms such as muscle tension, muscle cramps, and insomnia were evaluated with the Short Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome scale, and pain was evaluated with the Huskisson's analogue scale for pain.
The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges of possession of the drug, a form of extremely strong sedative also used to treat conditions like insomnia and alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among alcoholics, and alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD) is the most severe form.
Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a postnatal drug withdrawal syndrome that occurs primarily among opioid-exposed infants shortly after birth, often manifested by central nervous system irritability, autonomic overreactivity, and gastrointestinal tract dysfunction (1).
They are the alcohol withdrawal syndrome which includes alcohol withdrawal seizures, delirium tremens, alcohol hallucinosis.
These can include tolerance, abuse, and withdrawal syndrome.
Wen (15) went on to pursue the plausible link between acupuncture and relief of withdrawal symptoms, and concluded that acupuncture could provide effective relief in heroin withdrawal syndrome.
We have found symptoms of withdrawal syndrome, hyponatremia and feeding problem, which was most probably related to exposure to the mentioned drugs.
While some pregnant women with chronic pain may need to stay on opioids, providers should be prepared to treat withdrawal syndrome in newborns, Dr.
In addition, all prescription opioids will be required to include warnings about potentially harmful drug interactions; serotonin syndrome; adrenal insufficiency and other endocrine problems; and neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome, FDA Commissioner Dr.