Without recourse

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(Commerce) words sometimes added to the indorsement of a negotiable instrument to protect the indorser from liability to the indorsee and subsequent holders. It is a restricted indorsement.
See under Recourse.

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References in classic literature ?
My mind is evidently so constituted that I am subconsciously forced into the path of duty without recourse to tiresome mental processes.
Tarzan would have liked to subdue the ugly beast without recourse to knife or arrows.
He might easily have entered their village without recourse to the gates, but he believed that a sudden and unaccountable disappearance when he was ready to leave them would result in a more lasting impression upon their childlike minds, and so as soon as the village was quiet in sleep he rose, and, leaping into the branches of the tree above him, faded silently into the black mystery of the jungle night.
You all are familiar with the naval tradition that a good officer could sense proximity to either line, and for my part, I am firmly convinced of the truth of this as I am that the compass finds the north without recourse to tedious processes of reasoning.
Tarzan was sure that none other than God could inspire such awe in the hearts of the Gomangani, or stop their mouths so effectually without recourse to arrows or spears.
Accounts payable (including accounts payable of the consolidated variable interest entities without recourse to Bona Film Group Limited of $58,174 and $29,882 as of September 30,2015 and December 31, 2014, respectively)
In his words, "the Lebanese have the right to request assistance from the outside for all, without recourse to the other against our own countrymen.
125 percent interest on a five year term without recourse.
The agreement is on a without recourse basis and for the full value of the outstanding principal balance.
Under this decision, the Tunisian Company of Refining Industries (STIR) and STEG will be able to meet their needs without recourse to the Tunisian Company of Petroleum Activities (ETAP).
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / : " discuss Anbar crisis in the House of Representatives will be regrettably scanty and confined to issues of relief and health and food status, as well as displacement and Migration, and all these things can be resolved without recourse to parliament, which will not see the discussion of the security file and indiscriminate shelling that targeting people in Anbar .
WE certainly hope a resolution can be found to Welsh rugby's problems without recourse to the courts.